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The first impression visitors will make about your business is the one they form when they come across your website online. Professional businesses are always trying to improve the quality of their digital presence online to impress their existing or prospective clients .
Your website is also an extension to your business. Even when your office or store is closed, visitors can still learn about your products or services
while you are in bed sleeping at night. Without a visually pleased website and w well orchestrated online campaign, your business tends to lose clients to your competitors.
If you want to stay in the game these days, you have to win the online battle against your competitors.

So what constitutes a great website?

1- Responsive design is a must: We create responsive Websites. Responsive website readjust according to the
size of the screen on the device you use to view the website. Responsive design takes into consideration the computer
screens, tablet and phone screens.

2- Simplicity: Simplifying the design is always copy and images, it will make it difficult for clients to find
what they are looking for right away.
Consistency: Having a consistent design that follows the User interface rules makes it easy for clients to navigate
your website because they know where things should be and they find them where they expect them to be.

3- Selection of colors, fonts, backgrounds and images and the contrast between background, images and text to make
text easy to read.

4- user-friendly layout and design: you want to help visitors find what they are looking for
easily and quickly.

5- All websites are not created equal. Some are content-driven and provide tons of information that
the visitor is looking for while others hardly have anything at all. Content will help Google for example understand
what your website is all about and index it accordingly.

6- Artistic touch: Attractive look and feel helps provide your business a professional image and leads visitors to
believe you are a professional and reputable company.

7- Use of video or high resolution photography will help enhance your image as a professional business.

8- Using the latest technologies and keeping up with the everlasting changes in the world of
web technology.

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